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  • Take a look at “To Be a Nurse: Mortality, Sadness, and Other Things You Don’t See on TV,” for a vicarious experience in grief.

  • Read BJ Strickland’s (RN-turned-attorney) informative articles about nursing laws, rights and responsibilities.

  • For a boost of adrenaline, “Code 5, Room 623!” is a can’t miss.

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Pros and Cons of Circulating in the Operating Room

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How to Choose Your Nursing Specialty

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Nursing Goals: What is your goal in nursing

Today I talk about nursing goals and why you need to understand your goals. Know the difference between complacency and contentment, and why it's good to keep pushing yourself for your nursing goals. Read More[..]


Today's technical skill video is all about drawing bloods! Read More[..]


In today’s video I’ll give you all my tips for writing nursing resumes. I’ll give you tips on how to organize the information, what information is important and should be included, as well as some tools that will make your nursing resume process a lot smoother. Read More[..]

Top Tips To NEGOTIATE SALARY When Working in Healthcare. Make MORE MONEY Fast!

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10 Questions an Operating Room Registered Nurse Candidate Should Ask the Interviewer

You finally landed the interview for an Operating Room (OR) RN position!  While you are probably over the moon, you may Read More[..]

Nursing On-Call Shift

Kaynen Brown explains being on call and what he does when he is on call. Read More[..]


Today's video is going to explore the pros and cons of working night shift as a nurse from my perspective as a working mom. I work 12 hour night shifts as a nurse on an intermediate step-down med surg unit. I have been on night shift for about four months and it has been a pretty rough transition which I have shared on my channel. Make sure to leave your pros and cons as well as tips for other night shifters like myself in the comments! Read More[..]

HEALTHCARE PODCASTS 2019 | My Current Favorites For Nurses & NP’s

In today's video we will cover my favorite podcasts for nurses and for nurse practitioners, or really any healthcare provider for that matter. I love listening to podcasts to help me stay up to date with new practice information and updates because I can listen anywhere! I cover my favorite nursing podcasts, podcasts for primary and acute care, as well as my favorite women's health podcasts. Let me know what your favorites are! Read More[..]


In today’s video we are tackling all your assumptions about being a pediatric nurse! Are they true? False? It’s all in here! I’ve been fortunate enough to work with both adults and kids, so In the video we will do a bit of comparing, as well as setting the record straight on some of these interest assumptions! Read More[..]

ANESTHESIA CALL SHIFT: Obstetrics and Pediatrics!

Watch to learn more about the different types of anesthesia we do for labor and caesarean sections and what some common pediatric cases are! Read More[..]


"QUESTIONS IN VIDEO -Tell me about yourself? Why did you choose nursing? Why do you want to work at this facility? -What are your strengths and weaknesses? -How do you cope with stress? -Name a time you had to deal with a difficult patient or coworker? -Why should we hire you instead of others, what sets you apart from other applicants? ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: -What makes you passionate about nursing? -Tell me about a time you were under pressure, how did you prioritize assignments. -Where do you see yourself in 5 years? -How long do you think nursing will be difficult? -How would you describe yourself in one word?" Read More[..]

Registered Nurse | Travel the World as a Travel Nurse!

This is EXACTLY What i do to be able to travel the world as a Travel RN. All registered Nurses can live the life that they want as a Traveler. Here is what i do! Read More[..]

Day in the life of an ICU nurse | Working during CRNA School

A day in Rhianna's life as an ICU nurse working during CRNA school! Read More[..]


In this video we’ll compare what I brought to work at my bedside RN job vs what I bring to work now as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Warning: I Haven’t cleaned these bags out at all, so things may get a bit messy! Read More[..]

How To Answer The Top 5 Nurse Interview Questions

Interviewing is such a daunting yet necessary part of the hiring process. So, in today’s video I share what I believe are the most popular interview questions you will be asked in a nurse interview. I also share how to best answer them with guidelines and examples. Read More[..]

Nursing Is the Best Career | 10 Reasons Why

Find out why nursing is such a great career choice! I explain the 10 reasons I think being a nurse is so awesome! Read More[..]


In this video I will be telling you about hospital nursing vs. home health nursing. i Will tell you the main differences between working as a home health nurse and working as a hospital nurse. I will also share with you some pros and cons of working in the hospital and working in home health. This video will help you make an easy decision whether you want to work in a hospital or in home health. Read More[..]

Tips for Giving Report | Report Series

Priscilla gives her tips when it come to giving a report on a nursing shift. Read More[..]