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  • Take a look at “To Be a Nurse: Mortality, Sadness, and Other Things You Don’t See on TV,” for a vicarious experience in grief.

  • Read BJ Strickland’s (RN-turned-attorney) informative articles about nursing laws, rights and responsibilities.

  • For a boost of adrenaline, “Code 5, Room 623!” is a can’t miss.

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PEDIATRIC NURSING | Tips for Success

I love pediatric nursing. Kids have such resilience and bravery in the face of illness, and it was truly an honor to provide nursing care to them for so many years. While pediatric nursing is a ton of fun, think wagon rides, and bubbles, it also can be frightening, due to how different it is from other areas of nursing. This video will cover my tips and tricks for planning your day as a nurse, nursing student, or NP with pediatric patients. I’ll go over how to assess them, my trick for getting blood pressures on squirmy little legs, and how on earth you can get a 5 year old to take their lasix. Read More[..]

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How To Deal With Death As A Nurse

It's tough to talk about and very tough to face, but unfortunately as nurses, it happens around us often. Do is really get easier like they say? How can we deal with death? Read More[..]

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