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  • Take a look at “To Be a Nurse: Mortality, Sadness, and Other Things You Don’t See on TV,” for a vicarious experience in grief.

  • Read BJ Strickland’s (RN-turned-attorney) informative articles about nursing laws, rights and responsibilities.

  • For a boost of adrenaline, “Code 5, Room 623!” is a can’t miss.

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When the Nurse is the Patient…..

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Me Too – Nurses and Sexual Harassment

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The Voice of the Nurse

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Are You Aware of Workplace Depression?

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Crossing the Boundary

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Is Your Social Media Showing?

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Facing Nurse Burn-Out: The Elephant in the Room

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The “Roto-Rooter” Test

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Working with Law Enforcement

Several weeks ago news outlets aired video of a Salt Lake City police detective roughing up a nurse in the Read More[..]

Being a Patient Advocate

In the wake of the Alex Wubbels, RN arrest, nurses everywhere are rallying together in her support. The common issue Read More[..]